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Interior Painting

 Painting Services

We etch the concrete floor with muiratic acid and industrial degreaser. We apply 2 coats of apoxy with the flakes being applying to the top of the second coat. We then apply 1 coat of a clear acrylic glaze which projects and adds longevity to your floors.

Exterior painting in Florida, usually means stucco, and we specialize in waterproofing and protecting your stucco home. First, we pressure wash with a chlorine detergent solution to remove all mildew and contaminants. We seal all cracks with a brush grade elastomeric sealant, caulk all expansion joints and around windows as needed. We then apply by brushing and rolling one coat of elastomeric coating, which seals and waterproofs but fades quickly, so we also apply a coat of acrylic which gives you a much longer color life and you get the best of both worlds.

Our interior painting services include: Moving all of the furniture to the center of the room and covering it with plastic, pole sanding the walls to create a smooth and trash free surface, we patch any nail holes, gouges, nail pops, and imperfections in the sheetrock, caulk as needed, and apply 2 coats of undiluted paint by brushing and rolling. All trim is sanded, and painted by brush.

Exterior Painting

As our name suggests, painting is what we do best, and this is a brief description of our basic painting services. But please call for a free detailed estimate on your home today.